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A big part of what I do is designing and delivering workshops, learning experiences, and programmes. Facilitation makes my heart sing.

Below is an overview of some of the workshops that I offer.

I offer these as public events from time to time, as well as for organisations, tailoring the experiences based on the audience and the needs.

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Workshops with Suzanne Whitby. Co-creating hopeful futures.

An introduction to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

In this interactive course, you will learn all about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): what they are, why they matter, how modern advancements and connectivity can help us achieve the goals and what your next steps might be to embed them in your life, community or business.


Brave new world: envisioning and creating hopeful, sustainable futures

Some say that the reason we’re having so much trouble tackling climate change and today’s social and environmental challenges isn’t because we don’t have the solutions, but rather because we suffer from a lack of imagination. This workshop is all about imagination and vision.


Build Your Own Website Workshop

Ideal for anyone who wants to build a website, for their business, a passion project, or to add new skills to their CV. This workshop covers planning, design, and website development using a self-hosted WordPress website.


Carbon Literacy Training

A full day of Carbon Literacy Training to help individuals and teams understand why CO2 and emissions and global heating are connected, and how to reduce emissions - individually and collectively.


Celemi Sustainability™ Workshop

Using a world-class simulation, this workshop helps businesses, leaders and teams to understand the complexity of sustainable decision-making in businesses, and how sustainability and prosperity go hand in hand.


Circular Economy Workshop

Build an understanding of the problems that a linear economy causes, how a circular economy can tackle these problems, and how to support a sustainable, circular economy.


Climate Fresk Workshop

An interactive, participatory workshop based on data from the IPCC reports. In 4 hours, we'll learn the causes and consequences of climate change, and think critically about what we can do to be part of the solution.


Climate justice & social justice for sustainable futures: routes to a just transition

In this workshop, we’ll work on building our understanding of the idea of equality and equity and why they matter in the face of today’s sustainability challenges.


Collecting and telling traditional tales

In this workshop, I'll harness my professional storytelling skills to help you learn how to find traditional tales that interest you, and teach you how to make it yours, and then how to tell it orally in your own unique style.


Deep Time Walk Experience

Deep Time Walk is a transformative journey through 4.6bn years of Earth history via a 4.6km guided walk to encourage critical thinking about humanity's role in today's sustainability challenges and our role in seeking solutions.


EN-ROADS Policy Workshop

In this interactive, solutions-focused workshop, we'll work together to find policies that will keep the planet below 1.5 degrees hotter than pre-industrial levels, and explore issues of social and climate justice at the same time.


Intercultural Intelligence Workshop

A fun, participatory workshop to build an understanding of communication styles across cultures, and how to build skills and knowledge to to communicate and collaborate across cultural barriers.


Money matters: the power of what you earn and spend

In this workshop, we’ll explore how you can use your money and the choices you make about where you save it, where you invest it and where you spend it to reduce your carbon footprint, increase your ecological handprint, and choose to live more sustainably.


Multi-solving Workshop

When thinking about today's social and environmental challenges, how can a multi-solving approach help to deliver solutions to many problems? A workshop to provoke critical solutions thining.


Non-verbal Communication Training

What are you saying without saying a word? This workshop is designed to make you aware of what non-verbal skills communicate and how to become more aware of your non-verbal communication to improve your in-person communication.


Poster Design for Scientists

An workshop to help early-career scientists and students build the skills they need to plan, design, and create a poster to share their research at academic and scientific conferences.


Social media for Scientists Workshop

If scientists and researchers want to share their messages with diverse audiences, social media can be a great place to start. My workshops range from short overviews and "101s" to longer workshops that cover everything from strategic planning to measurement.


Storytelling for Scientists Workshop

Using story structures and narrative techniques can make your science and research more understandable, more accessible, and more memorable to non-experts and experts alike. I offer short interactive webinars and longer-form workshops to help scientists bring their research to life.


Strategic climate and sustainability communication: strategic skills for professional communicators

This workshop is all about helping you think strategically about our big beautiful brains, how they get in the way of making so-called logical decisions, and how we can build on existing communication models and behaviour change research to spark interest, engage hearts and minds, and encourage action.


Talking climate: how to talk about climate change with friends, family and others

This workshop is designed to help you have better conversations about climate change and the other environmental and sustainability challenges that are facing us.


TetraMap® Workshop

Using a framework that uses nature-based metaphors, this workshop is designed to help you recognise different communication styles, identify your own style, and find ways to work successfully with people who communicate in different ways to the way that you do.


The Artist’s Way

A facilitated 14-week programme based on Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, a programme designed to encourage creativity, confidence, and positive change.


The Inner Development goals: An introduction into the foundational skills that support sustainable development

The IDGs, or Inner Development Goals, is a framework of transformative capabilities, qualities and skills, which give us a roadmap for not only what we need to do to achieve meaningful and sustainable change, but who we need to be on that path. In this workshop, we'll explore what the IDGs are in more depth, and how you can develop and use them.


Transformative Values Training

Over the course of five online sessions, participants build an understanding of the social psychology of values and explore they can engage broader and deeper commitment to pro-social and pro-environmental attitudes and behaviours.


What’s your ecological handprint? Levers for positive change.

We often hear about our ecological footprint: the negative impacts that our actions have on the world. In this uplifting workshop, we’ll think about how to shift from fear, frustrations and feeling stuck to exploring ways that we can have a positive impact on the world around us.


WordPress Training

Learn how WordPress works and how to manage an existing WordPress website for work, for fun, or to build new skills for your CV.


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“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

― Aristotle