suzanne whitby: work

Suzanne Whitby is a well-known communication specialist, futures thinker and sustainability catalyst. She is particularly recognised for her work in the field of futures stories, and her advocacy for the use of multi-sensory, storied experiences as a communication tool to raise awareness of and solve real-world problems.

Here are some of the places where you’ll find her at at work: as a facilitator, communicator, coach, trainer, and storyteller.

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Sustainability trainer & communication specialist, Suzanne Whitby. Co-creating hopeful futures.
make SHIFT happen


A foresight and sustainable futures collective: participatory futures workshops, research-based futures scenarios and communication to help businesses and communities shape better futures.

Whitby's Sustainability and Climate Communication

Whitby's Communication

A sustainability communication collective: strategy, content, and creative to help businesses share their sustainability vision, actions and journey.

SciComm Success

SciComm Success

A science communication training company: equipping scientists and researchers with the skills they need to share their work effectively and authentically.



A social enterprise offering workshops and training about climate change, the circular economy, the SDGs, sustainable futures and climate communication. For individuals, communities and organisations.