suzanne whitby: research

Suzanne Whitby is an interdisciplinary researcher. She is currently an external PhD candidate at VU Amsterdam. She is exploring the intersection of multi-sensory, oral storytelling in (land)scapes and whether these “senstoryscapes” (as she calls them) can result in a form of communication that can help us to encourage sustainable thinking and behaviour.

Suzanne’s route to this work has been a bit unusual. Her MA is in the Classics, where she focused on the lived olfactory experiences of people in Pompeii shortly before Vesuvius erupted in 79CE. She fell in love with the idea of scent walks, and this made her wonder how she could study all the senses, combine them with stories, and do something in the service of sustainability.

The focus of her BA was English Language and Philosophy, and she has a diploma in English Language, too.

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Sensory research by Suzanne Whitby. Co-creating hopeful futures.