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Social media for Scientists Workshop

If scientists and researchers want to share their messages with diverse audiences, social media can be a great place to start. My workshops range from short overviews and “101s” to longer workshops that cover everything from strategic planning to measurement.

TetraMap® Workshop

Using a framework that uses nature-based metaphors, this workshop is designed to help you recognise different communication styles, identify your own style, and find ways to work successfully with people who communicate in different ways to the way that you do.

Intercultural Intelligence Workshop

A fun, participatory workshop to build an understanding of communication styles across cultures, and how to build skills and knowledge to to communicate and collaborate across cultural barriers.

Non-verbal Communication Training

What are you saying without saying a word? This workshop is designed to make you aware of what non-verbal skills communicate and how to become more aware of your non-verbal communication to improve your in-person communication.

Values 101 Training

Over the course of five online sessions, participants build an understanding of the social psychology of values and explore they can engage broader and deeper commitment to pro-social and pro-environmental attitudes and behaviours.