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Build Your Own Website Workshop

Ideal for anyone who wants to build a website, for their business, a passion project, or to add new skills to their CV. This workshop covers planning, design, and website development using a self-hosted WordPress website.

hsf Time Capsule

With my co-creator, Megan Evans, I run workshops and a podcast to help "everyday" meeting organisers make meetings more effective and engaging.


I design and facilitate participatory workshops and experiential learning around climate change, the circular economy, and sustainable solutions for mostly adult audiences in Tirol and across Austria.

Meeting Innovators

With my co-creator, Megan Evans, I run workshops and a podcast to help "everyday" meeting organisers make meetings more effective and engaging.

Nachhaltig in Tirol

I run a podcast and sustainability directory and events calendar to showcase ways to take steps to live and work more sustainably in Tirol. In German.

Non-verbal Communication Training

What are you saying without saying a word? This workshop is designed to make you aware of what non-verbal skills communicate and how to become more aware of your non-verbal communication to improve your in-person communication.

SciComm Success

Communication training and strategic communication support for scientists, researchers, and research organisations who want to reach and communicate better with non-expert audiences.


Interactive workshops and facilitated programmes to help companies engage and involve employees and stakeholders in their sustainability vision and journey.

Strategic climate and sustainability communication: strategic skills for professional communicators

This workshop is all about helping you think strategically about our big beautiful brains, how they get in the way of making so-called logical decisions, and how we can build on existing communication models and behaviour change research to spark interest, engage hearts and minds, and encourage action.

TetraMap® Workshop

Using a framework that uses nature-based metaphors, this workshop is designed to help you recognise different communication styles, identify your own style, and find ways to work successfully with people who communicate in different ways to the way that you do.

The Artist’s Way

A facilitated 14-week programme based on Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, a programme designed to encourage creativity, confidence, and positive change.

The Inner Development goals: An introduction into the foundational skills that support sustainable development

The IDGs, or Inner Development Goals, is a framework of transformative capabilities, qualities and skills, which give us a roadmap for not only what we need to do to achieve meaningful and sustainable change, but who we need to be on that path. In this workshop, we’ll explore what the IDGs are in more depth, and how you can develop and use them.

tiny mindful

I am an aspiring mindful person, and I create podcasts, create workshops and experiences, and write about ways to incorporate more mindful moments into every day.

Transformative Values Training

Over the course of five online sessions, participants build an understanding of the social psychology of values and explore they can engage broader and deeper commitment to pro-social and pro-environmental attitudes and behaviours.

Ways to Walk

My newest project. I design and lead walks in urban spaces to help people engage with each other, with public spaces, and experience cities and towns in new and interesting ways.

Whitby’s Communication

A full-service communication consultancy specialising in sustainability and climate communication for businesses and organisations, small businesses, and individuals.


I am a professional oral storyteller, and I craft wise, wonderful and witty storytelling performances for adult audiences. Theatre for the mind!