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Suzanne Whitby is the founder of SHIFT, a foresight and futures collective that uses stories of the future to help businesses and communities build resilience and shape futures that are thriving, hopeful and sustainable.

She offers a deep and broad knowledge of (almost) all aspects of communication. In parallel with her work at SHIFT, she is a sustainability communication specialist at Whitby’s Sustainability Communication, is a science communication trainer at SciComm Success, and an external lecturer on science and sustainability communication at a number of universities.

An active sustainability and climate communicator, she facilitates workshops and learning experiences about climate change, the circular economy, climate action, the SDGs, behaviour change, and hopeful, sustainable futures at klimafit, and for a variety of international organisations as an associate.

Suzanne Whitby

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A foresight and sustainable futures collective: participatory futures workshops, research-based futures scenarios and communication to help businesses and communities shape better futures.

Whitby's Sustainability and Climate Communication

Whitby's Communication

A sustainability communication collective: strategy, content, and creative to help businesses share their sustainability vision, actions and journey.

SciComm Success

SciComm Success

A science communication training company: equipping scientists and researchers with the skills they need to share their work effectively and authentically.



A social enterprise offering workshops and training about climate change, the circular economy, the SDGs, sustainable futures and climate communication. For individuals, communities and organisations.