hopeful, sustainable

Hello, hello! I’m a pragmatic optimist, interested in how we can co-create hopeful, sustainable futures. I’ve turned this into my profession, and it’s also the focus of my PhD research at VU Amsterdam.

I am curious about everything and my interests are eclectic and fast-moving. I love playing “hostess” and enjoy bringing people together almost as much as I enjoy being in my own company, preferably with a good book, a notepad, a few pens and pencils, and a cup of tea or a glass of ice cold white wine.

Here you’ll find information about the events that I organise, my projects, reearch updates, and, from time to time, some of my writing. Enjoy!

Suzanne Whitby



Professional oral storyteller, Ziyadliwa, Suzanne Whitby


traditional oral storytelling, for adult audiences, in English

tiny mindful moments

tiny mindful

occasional tiny mindful tales and events that take the stress out of everyday life

Innsbruck Reads

Innsbruck reads

bi-lingual bookclub in Innsbruck. Informal and friendly.

Projects and initiatives

Hopeful, Sustainable Futures

Hopeful, Sustainable Futures

resources and community for anyone who wants to co-create better futures

Ways to Walk. Urban walks and experiences that bring the city to life.

Ways to Walk

multi-sensory city walks to spark imagination and create connections

Meeting Innovators with Megan Evans and Suzanne Whitby

Meeting Innovators

workshops and training for anyone who wants to plan and host better meetings

Nachhaltig in Tirol

Nachhaltig in Tirol

a platform that shines a light on sustainability activity in Tirol, Austria

Other bits and bobs



I write, produce and record a few podcasts.


My academic journey – doing a PhD, in my spare time, more or less alone.


Occasionally, I research and write essays. Very occassionally.


(And let’s face it – it’s all miscellaneous on some level!)