Full-length versions of Euripides’ & Seneca’s Trojan Women

Full-length versions of Euripides' & Seneca's Trojan Women

If, like me, you’re working with Eurpides’ and Seneca’s Troades or Trojan Women texts, you might find it helpful to see how modern theatre groups interpret these works. Obviously I was, which is why I spent several days scouring the internet and watching all the plays that that I could find, looking at how stagecraft, direction, acting, and character interpretation can turn create vastly different characters, some sympathetic and some not, using the same or similar texts.

It’s all about reception, folks.

Below you’ll find a range of recorded performances of Trojan Woman, free to access on a variety of video platforms. These include enthusiastic college performances, powerful fringe performances, extraordinary performances by some of the most well-known directors of classic plays in the world, and everything inbetween.

I’ve tried to include a bit of information about each performance where I can, as well as links to reviews and other information that you might find useful. If you’ve found a play or information that you think should be on this page, please let me know. It would be great to keep this page alive as an interesting resource.


Plays based on Euripides’ text

Title: The Trojan Women
Director: Theodoros Terzopoulos
Theatre Group: Attis Theatre
Year: 2018
Performance Location: Ancient Theatre of Delphi
Language: Greek & others

Title: Trojan Women
Director: Tadashi Suzuki
Theatre Group: Suzuki Company of Toga
Year: 1984
Performance Location: Olympic Arts Festival, Los Angeles
Language: Japanese

* Note: I am not 100% sure of the year & venue

Title: The Trojan Women
Director: Anton Ray
Theatre Group: Warrior Poet Arts
Year: 2016
Performance Location: Oregon Laboratory Theater
Language: English

Title: The Trojan Women
Director: Paolo Coruzzi
Theatre Group: ?
Year: July 2018
Performance Location: Theatro Technis, London
Language: English

Title: Troades
Director: Prof.ssa Maria Larissa Bollaci
Theatre Group: Istituto d‟Istruzione Superiore “L. Sciascia” 
Year: 6 June 2019
Performance Location: Sant “Agata di Militello”, Messina, Italy
Language: Italian

Title: The Trojan Women
Director: H.R. Bradford
Theatre Group: Clear Lake High School
Year: October 27th, 2016
Performance Location: Houston, TX
Language: English

* Note: I am not 100% sure of the year & venue

Title: Die Troerinnen des Euripides
Director: ?
Theatre Group: Der Theatergruppe des BG Eutin
Year: March 2007
Performance Location: Eutin, Germany
Language: German

Title: The Trojan Women
Director: Rob Berls
Theatre Group: Theatre UNC Asheville
Year: 2018
Performance Location:Asheville, North Carolina
Language: English

Title: Troades
Director: Alexis Solomos
Year: 1975
Performance Location: Ancient Theater of Epidaurus
Language: Greek

Plays based on Seneca’s text

Title: Trojan Women
Director: James Farrell
Theatre Group: Nameless Theatre
Year: 19 January 2013
Performance Location:The Brockley Jack Theatre, London
Language: English

Based on a translation by Howard Colyer

Title: Trojan Women
Director: Margaret Morneau
Theatre Group: Resurrection Theatre
Year: February 2014
Performance Location: Resurrection Theater, Sacramento, California
Language: English

Based on a translation by Howard Colyer