In my twenty-something years of travelling the globe and living and working in 6 countries on 4 continents, I have worked in the arts world and in the corporate world, run startups in pyjamas and in fancy suits, published a book, turned my back on a thriving business in order to try something new, and now I’m happily pursuing a portfolio career that allows me to do a little bit of everything.

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On becoming a “Renaissance” Woman

You know how some people know from an early age that they want to be a doctor or a train driver or a rocket scientist? I was similar, but without the “ors” in between. My ambition was to be a surgeon, and a nun, and a writer, and an Egyptologist, and an actress, and the first female president of South Africa, and an etymologist, and an anthropologist, and a scholar of dead ancient languages, and a handful of other things, all at the same time.

Fast-forward 20 years and I discovered that doing all these things at the same time was only possible if you happened to be an upper-class white male living in the late 19th century. So I did what society dictates: I dutifully started a career, I studied and completed a BA, I made forward strides in what was – by any standards – a successful life. But I was bored to tears.

So bit by bit I changed my life: I quit the corporate world, travelled, started a creative agency to pursue one list of interests, then a project management consultancy to pursue another, then a communication training company, a coaching studio, an online shop – all at the same time. It was exciting and exhausting.

After over 15 years of running a successful portfolio career whilst travelling from continent to continent, I think that I finally have the balance right, and I now run 5-6 businesses all of which  focus on communication, connections, and creating community.  You can learn more about my businesses and initiatives HERE →

On love, life and the pursuit of happiness

My professional and personal lives are similar in that I believe that life is too short to only do one thing.

I am avid reader, writer, scuba diver, fish-hugger, walker, and community-builder who wears flip-flops and loves to travel. I drink gallons of tea (home made Rooibos chai), growing chillies, star gazing, illustrating, and starting new things. I am a champion of literacy; give talks about plastic and sustainability and climate change; run free events on a range of topics to give people opportunities to connect and learn. I love drinking tea, gazing at stars,  I am an endlessly curious creative thinker with a passion for people, planet, literacy, stories, sustainability, cultural quirks, communication, entrepreneurship, and Africa.

I am in the process of writing and illustrating a series of children’s books and when I have time I write occasional stories about odd topics that take my fancy on my blog. I am also on a seemingly never-ending question to 

I love bringing people together and am the founder and organiser of a number of groups and communities in Innsbruck, including Innsbruck Internationals (a social group of international folk in Innsbruck); WP Tirol (Tirol’s only WordPress Meetup); and We Network Tirol (a networking group for entrepreneurs, business owners and wannabe solopreneurs in Tirol).

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll do my best to respond to emails promptly. I receive hundreds of emails daily, thanks to all the things I do, so that normally means a few days.

A summary that appeals to me

I put this together a few years ago and I still love it. It’s how I like to describe myself, if that gives you any insight!

Avid reader, fish-hugger, ENFP bordering INFP, scuba diver, star gazer and storyteller. A morning person who prefers being barefoot to wearing shoes. Love bringing people together, jumping in puddles, losing myself in a good book, throwing parties, scuba diving, cycling around town in a sundress and a big hat, drinking wine, vivid colours, cooking up a storm, the ocean, birds, basil, writing, walking (not hiking), people watching, tea, words, growing chillies, and hopping on a train, plane, or other mode of transportation to travel just about anywhere.

This too shall pass

— Engraved on a ring by a Persian wise man, in answer the challenge to find a sentence that would be true and appropriate in all times and situations...