A beautiful watch

A beautiful watch

About 10 years ago, my father gave me a beautiful watch that had once belonged to my grandmother. I wore it on and off, and shortly after my father died, I went out and in the course of the evening, it slipped off my wrist and I couldn’t find it. I knew that the strap was loose, but I’d been putting off fixing it, and although I asked at the pub and checked at the local lost property office, the watch didn’t appear again. This isn’t the first time that I’ve lost jewellery here in Innsbruck – the last time was when Martin and I were engaged, and I put my mom’s ring into the engagement ring box, which I then left at the American Bar at Penz, never to be seen again. Hopefully both ring and watch are in the possession of someone who enjoys them!

I digress…

For years I’ve been looking for a replacement. I have seen a few modern watches that appeal to me, in particular the new series of watches with wooden cases and straps, but I wanted something small, classic, and gold. When I say that I spent hundreds of hours scouring ETSY, Ebay, and local shops here in Innsbruck, I do not tell a lie. This month, I found what I was looking for: a gold cocktail watch, circa 1954/1955, with a beautiful round face and a Rolex strap that’s adjustable, with a rather pretty motif pattern. It was a bit pricier than what I had originally planned, but it is lovely, and since buying it, I regularly wake up in the morning, look at it, and smile at just how perfect it is.

Even better, I think that my dad would love it too, and even after 3 years, that makes me feel rather cheerful!

And here’s the video that intrigued me to start with!