Hi, I’m Suzanne and I am driven by a single question: in the face of today’s many challenges, what can I do to help people co-create hopeful, sustainable futures? I answer this question through my writing, work, projects, and research. Welcome to my world.

about suzanne

The woman behind the projects.

event organiser

All Suzanne's events in one place


Sharing skills and knowledge, building capacity...

performance artist

Currently working on a new show

communication specialist

Putting communication to work


Thoughts and musings


PhD candidate at VU

mentor & accountability partner

Practical mentorship, support & accountability for women shifting from corporate to self-employment.

sustainability catalyst

Co-creating hopeful futures


Participatory group experiences that create spaces where everyone's voice is heard

Tiroler Zukünfte Stammtisch

A gathering of businesses in Tirol who are making sustainability the norm

climate communicator

Building knowledge of what a warming world means

science communication trainer

Helping scientists and researchers communicate better with non-experts

leads sense in the city

A multi-sensory experience to reconnect people with their urban spaces


Passionate about literacy, and a self-confessed "bookaholic"

oral storyteller

Wise, witty and wonderful tales for adult audiences


Hello, and welcome to another episode of...


Let's connect

tiny mindful creator

Creating the space for tiny, mindful moments