A WordPress expert.

“WordPress is an incredible tool that allows anyone with an idea to get online, start writing, start creating, start sharing. I’m interested in helping more people understand how to use WordPress so that they can go forth and #startsomething.”
Suzanne Whitby

I left the corporate world for good in 2003 and started my first creative agency, which I called “Brand You”. A big part of that business was website design and development, initially using HTML and PHP and a variety of content management tools, until in 2006 I started using WordPress. I’ve not looked back since.

I co-founded a successful WordPress support and maintenance business in the UK and in 2018, I decided to open something for the German-speaking market in Innsbruck. Admittedly, it’s a steep learning curve because of the challenges of teaching in German – doable, but painful – but it allows me to guide Tirol into the WordPress world. Exciting!

I offer WordPress training courses, a “build your website in a day” service, and more traditional WordPress web design, development, support, maintenance, and SEO services. I also run a free WordPress community in Innsbruck called WP Tirol.

Visit www.wpstressfrei.com to learn more →