One of my little challenges in life is juggling all the ideas I have in the air, and part of that means managing all the social media accounts that I set up for all the ideas that I turn into projects or businesses.

Yes, this is a “first world problem”. A “nice-to-have” problem because I can spend a few minutes of my day thinking about this instead of worrying about how to feed myself or my family or how to overcome a devastating disease.

That said, it is a little problem for me. All my accounts for my personal-and-freelance persona, my three business areas, my curated blog, my Innsbruck project and two other networking projects is currently sitting at…  Wait for it… 32.  That’s right. I have 32 social media accounts for various activities. Who on earth can manage this many accounts? Or create relevant content for this many channels?

Perhaps more to the point is this: who really WANTS to feel the weight of all of these channels lying dormant?

On the one hand, I think that perhaps everything should simply live under my personal social media presences. On the other, I have deliberately created individual brands for three businesses that I run, so brand visibility is useful in these cases. And for the projects that I organise, I don’t necessarily want to be the focus of each project and so it makes sense to keep these separate.

Which is how I’ve ended up with 32 accounts.

The task for today: take a look at all of the channels I’ve created and get rid of any that aren’t useful.