Although I’ve only started this blog recently I realise that in many ways I have always tried to live deliberately, especially when it comes to creating businesses, building communities and turning ideas into events or services. Sure, I’ve been conscious about the ocean and plastic and the environment for a while, but it’s only recently that I’ve decided to really spend more time and energy on these aspects of my life.

One thing that hit me today whilst I was swimming was that living deliberately can be tiring as often as it can be enegising. It can be tiring to constantly make things happen, to spread the word about sustainability, to bring people together, to support entrepreneurs, to create and publicise events.

As I write this I am physically tired. A busy day yesterday where I achieved little other than cooking for 10 people (although there were only 6 of us) and a busy week ahead with every evening booked, two storytelling programmes to complete, and some insecurity about one of the businesses I created for the European market. So it’s possible that this is affecting my perspective today.

But on days like this, I can’t help but wonder: wouldn’t it be easier to go with the flow, to work in a 9-5 “job”, to ignore over-consumption and environmental challenges, to stop fighting the Austrian system, to give up on the idea that one person can make a positive difference.

No doubt I’ll bounce back tomorrow but this is where I’m “at” today.