A copy and creative writer.

“Writing means sharing. It’s part of the human condition to want to share things – thoughts, ideas, opinions.”
Paulo Coelho

If reading was my first love, writing was my second. I love everything about writing: the research and fact-checking; the composition; the opportunity to play with sentence structure and vocabulary to communicate clearly and concisely.

In spite of my love of word-play, much of the commercial writing that I do is copy writing for corporate clients in Austria, Italy and Germany. They need engaging content that is well-written in a neutral form of English that is easy to understand for native speakers and non-native speakers alike. I call this “global English”, although I certainly didn’t coin the term. In this capacity, I write blog posts, white papers and studies, press releases, catalogue content, website content, speeches, reports and more.

In my own time, my writing is experimental. I occasionally write journalistic-style pieces, like the article I wrote about The Core of Ponte. These articles take a lot of research and time, however, so they have to fit into whatever time I have available. I write and illustrate children’s books (none published yet, but watch this space), am in the process of writing several storytelling source books, and was the co-author of a business book entitled “A Zest for Business“.

For information about my commercial copy writing and copy editing, visit www.startwithstory.eu, or get in touch if you want to chat about my creative writing →