Suzanne Whitby is an oral storyteller, an international communication consultant, a WordPress expert, a voice over artist, a trainer, a writer and a speaker who blogs a bit, creates communities and starts new things from her base in beautiful Innsbruck.

If that sounds like a lot to you, imagine how she feels!


Latest Thoughts

Too many social media accounts

One of my little challenges in life is juggling all the ideas I have in the air, and part of that means managing all the social media accounts that...

Ponte: tower of dreams

In 1975, the Ponte tower in Johannesburg’s Berea was sparkling and new and highly desirable. Its 464 apartments were 90% let, including the one- and...

In Defence of Open-Mindedness

Last week, we stayed in a lovely B&B in a medieval town called Dürnstein in Lower Austria. The people were wonderful, the food delicious, the...

Upcoming Shows, Events & Workshops

25 April: Storytelling Show
The Goddess & the Green Man [details]

15 May: Ignite Tirol
INNovation & INNspiration Event [details]

23 May: Storytelling Show
The Mistletoe Spear [details]

20 June: Storytelling Show
The Core of Ponte [details]

This too shall pass

— Engraved on a ring by a Persian wise man, in answer the challenge to find a sentence that would be true and appropriate in all times and situations...